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What to Put on Your Wedding Website

Make a wedding website so your guests stay informed

As with every industry, the wedding industry is always evolving and growing, getting better with time. One of the most helpful tools that was introduced to the wedding world in the last ten years are personalized wedding websites! Wedding websites take the stress out of communicating every detail of your wedding to your guests and now are the most popular alternative to collecting RSVPs. With a variety of tools and helpful abilities, wedding websites are a place guests will go to access your gift registries, your venue information and time of the ceremony when they’ve lost your invitation, and to see details of the day. It is also a great place to post those engagement photos you just got back, and a way to keep everyone updated on the formalities of your event. Limit the text messages you receive with questions like “Can I bring my kids?”, by creating your wedding website.  Then, put the link or QR code on your save the dates so your guests have it for reference.

Wedding Website Providers

Let’s first talk about the different platforms available for your wedding website. Most of the event planning resource websites now have a website builder. The most common ones are:

    • The Knot
    • Zola
    • WeddingWire
    • Minted
    • Joy

While there are some different features on each platform, such as budget tools (The Knot) or travel tools like buttons to get Uber or Lyft (Joy), they are all user-friendly and offer everything you need to display important information regarding your wedding to your guests. Most are free, however there are some that have upgrade features, such as a customized URL, that are an additional cost.

What to Include on Your Wedding Website

When you begin to create your wedding website, it may be a little overwhelming with all of the information you are able to provide. Here’s what is most important:

    • Wedding Date
    • Ceremony Time
    • Location
    • Pertinent Reception Info (like Alcohol/cash bar)
    • Registry Links
    • Dress Code
    • Parking Accommodations
    • Kid Policy
    • RSVP
    • Hotel Block Information

The other information is helpful but optional, such as:

    • Wedding Party
    • Pictures
    • Personalized Story
    • Recommendations for activities (this is great if you have a lot of people coming in from out of town, but not necessary if the majority of your guests live in the town you are getting married in)

We recommend looking at the different sites to see which best suits you and the information you are needing to get across to your guests.

How to do Online RSVPs well

The option for online RSVPs has made keeping track of your guests convenient and easy. Even better, your wedding website platform will walk you through it step by step. First, you put your guests information in the system, such as their name and the number of attendants they are able to RSVP. When guests respond, they are able to accept or decline the invitation, let you know how many from their party will be there, leave a message, list dietary restrictions, or add song requests. It will also direct the guests to your registry and other important information on your site. If you have guests that haven’t RSVP’d, there is even an option to send out a reminder as the cut off date approaches. The website RSVP feature  cuts out a lot of miscommunication and reduces misplaced or lost RSVPs. It also will save you money versus the traditional paper RSVP route.

Pro Tip: Only use the digital RSVP for your tech saavy guests. Stick traditional with the older generations and you will get the most accurate count. Start calling the day AFTER you RSVP cut off and send the link with your reminder.

How to Word Sticky Wedding Website Phrases

Sometimes, we get asked the best way to word wedding invitations. Here are a few of our tried and true wedding website and wedding invitation text ideas for a no-child wedding, a cash bar, adults only events, honeymoon funds, and more.

  1. Adults Only or Kid-Free Wedding Verbiage: “While we love your little ones, we request an adults only reception.” or “Come celebrate with us at our adults-only reception.” while making sure the envelope is addressed correctly.
  2.  Cash Bar or No Alcohol Wedding: For Cash Bars, simply adding “Cash Bar.” is appropriate etiquette. If it is a limited bar, meaning it will switch from free drink when it is out to cash bar later, OR is set up for liquor on a cash bar, you say “Hosted beer and wine. Cocktails available on cash bar” OR “Hosted bar during cocktail hour. Cash bar following.” It lets your guests know to bring cash. Alcohol-free wedding – You should make sure your guests aren’t surprised, but don’t feel obligated to justify your decision. You can simply say “Please join us for an alcohol-free reception.” OR “At the request of the bride and groom, this is a dry event.”
  3. If you have everything you need for your household, which is the traditional wedding gift list, you can opt for a honeymoon fund. A great way to word this is ” We’re so excited to start our lives together and grateful to have such supportive friends and family. If you wish to give a gift, we would be thrilled to receive a contribution towards our honeymoon fund.” OR “Your presence at our wedding is the best present of all. However, if you’d like to give us a gift, we would appreciate contributions toward our honeymoon fund, which will help us go on our dream trip to [location]. You can find the link to our honeymoon registry here [include link].”


Overall, you can’t go wrong taking the time to create a wedding website. In the end, it will save you time, stress and even money. It is an excellent way to share all of your wedding information in one centralized place for guest’s access at any time. Contact us to learn more!