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We provide creative, professional, and customized event coordination services.

About Uniquely Set Event Management

There’s a new way to plan. Uniquely Set Event Management is here to help.

We provide creative, professional, and customized event coordination services. You can rely on Uniquely Set Event Management to sweat the small stuff to ensure that your event is carried out effortlessly and seamlessly. Our goal is to provide you and your guests with an unforgettable experience. Contact us today for to start planning your big event!

Meet The Owners

Brittany and myself (Megan) have known each other for 13 years. At this point, we are sisters. We finish each other’s sentences during meetings and regularly get asked if we are a couple or are related! It’s kind of hilarious. 

We started in the event industry in other positions – Megan was an event assistant at a venue in Bryan, Texas in high-school and Brittany started planning parties in college before managing an event bartending service. Megan worked for that bartending service and during that period, we both met many many vendors in the industry. We saw events thrive and fail.

megan uniquely set

Megan Towery

Both of us have a creative side. I am an artist, and colors/textures/patterns speak to a deep part of my soul. I also have a marketing and communications degree. Brittany is uniquely talented at taking ordinary things and pairing them to create a beautiful tablescape, interior design, or arrangement. She truly has an eye for design (and NEW ideas). Both of us are logistically OCD. I know what is happening on my schedule down to the hour every day, and Brittany has more office supplies, folders, and organization binders than a normal person probably should.

We are both Aggies, class of ’11, WHOOP! And we treat our business like the core values we so cherished at the greatest university on the planet. You might find us at a tailgate every now and then, but we know when to work and when to play. 

Finally, we like to make friends and build relationships. We love seeing people smile. We are romantics, and to any romantic, wedding coordinating is a dream job. We simply love weddings. This industry calls to us and is our passion for so many reasons. We have grown this small business from 18 events in our first year to over 150 in 2020. In 5 years, we have been a part of countless events and we are blessed to be able to say that. Now, we have 10 assistant coordinators on our team. They are just as passionate, just as creative, just as OCD, and just as friendly. We have a pretty creative hiring process, and if you make it through training, we know you are a good fit! Wedding days are not for the faint of heart. Ask any of our assistant coordinators.

We are grateful for anyone who chooses us or our team.  We are so excited to meet you!

Kisses & well wishes!

Megan and Brittany

brittany uniquely set

Brittany Mahler

Meet The Team

As of January 2021, we have a team of 10 coordinators, plus ourselves! Each of our ladies have event experience, most of them are Aggies (but it’s not required) and they are all so talented! Head over to our Instagram account to see an introduction for each of them! You are welcome to request a coordinator if you have met them at a bridal show or open house and had a good experience, we actually encourage it. Some of them are pictured below. (Photos by: Bailey Prince Photography)

uniquely set coordination

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