Corporate Team Building

If you have a large group of people at your office or in your department who would enjoy a team building activity, look no further. Uniquely Set has compiled several solutions to provide your group with a fun, educational, and memorable experience. Check out the corporate and company event group activities that are offered here in College Station, Texas. We also travel elsewhere for a come to you, or on-site event. Just ask!

If you are not inclined to participate in one of these, let us come up with something that is more suitable to your workplace. We enjoy using our creativity and applications to enhance company culture and community through team building events.


Mystery, Inc.

Something terrible has happened. It is up to your team to research, document, and problem-solve your way to finding out what it was! Creativity and attention to detail will be tested in this evidence capturing sleuth event. (2-3 hours)
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Mine Field

Teams are forced to trust and encourage one another in this strategy game. A blind-folded teammate must make it across the mine field based solely on the instructions of their peers! Communication will be vital and this activity puts a fun twist on trust in the workplace. (1-2 hours)
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The Bigger Picture

Group members work individually to recreate a puzzle piece, which is then combined with others. As they reconstruct the picture, each person contributes to an overall group result. This problem solving activity will teach participants how to work in a team and it demonstrates divisional or departmental cohesion. (2 hours)
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Logo Frenzy

Teamwork is important in this activity which requires groups of individuals to create their company logo with only the objects at hand. There is a time limit! Employees will unmask their creative sides and energy to achieve a common goal. (1 hour)
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Sculpture This

Small groups will work against the clock to recreate a sculpture created by an executive or leader. But, there’s a catch. Team members only get to look at the sculpture for 10 seconds! This team building activity teachs communication skills and how to problem-solve effectively within a group. (1-2 hours)
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Giant Target

Taking place in a large room, a giant target is built and teams are expected to get the highest score with the tools given to them. Competition meets fun as teams strategically position themselves and struggle with getting points. It’s not easy, but it is worth it!
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Office Art

Creativity sprouts from every team, and we want to see it!

Teams will use primary colors only to come up with their very own masterpiece in an allotted amount of time. Add a twist and make them create something in your company colors only. Free to take back to your office to hang on the wall.Let’s get painting!
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At the Races

Create a team, build a derby car, and race! This activity encourages participation and is great for a field day or outdoor day. (3-5 hours)
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