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What to include in your wedding details box

What you need in your wedding details box for your photographer

It’s the day before the wedding and you are running over checklist after checklist feeling like you’re forgetting something. Suddenly, you remember your coordinator or photographer saying something about a “details box”.

What is a “Details Box”?

It is a collection of the essential pieces of your design, personals, wedding, ceremony, and reception, all in one. The photographer’s then use them to create a flatlay of your wedding day details. I think it got the name Details Box from photographers taking pictures of the wedding details, and has since expanded to include a variety of items. I also think the term box came from the shoe box of the bride, and the association with love letters being held in shoe boxes in the past? Who knows.. that one could be a stretch. Photographers tell me all the time, taking details photos is one of their favorite parts of the wedding day.

We, as wedding planners, believe the details box truly takes an ordinary wedding gallery, and turns it into a cohesive visual to show all the work you put into planning your wedding day!

What should you include in your details box?

Details from the Bride:

  • Wedding Shoes
  • The Rings (and the ring boxes)
  • Two copies of the wedding stationary and envelopes (including save the dates, ties/personalized stamps, writing pens?, wraps, thank you cards)
  • Vows or vow boooks
  • Perfume
  • Lipstick
  • Garter
  • Family heirlooms, your something old, new, borrowed, and blue
  • Floral pieces, extra linens pieces from your dress, ribbon
  • A pretty dress hanger
  • Jewelry
  • Anything that pulls in the style of your wedding – like a glass jewelry box, your dancing shoes, your koozies/favors
  • Bridesmaids dress swatch
  • Veil or hair piece

Details from the Groom:

  • Pocket square, tie, bowtie
  • His Shoes
  • Belt
  • Socks (if interesting/part of the ensemble)
  • Cologne
  • Cufflinks
  • Watch
  • His boutinerre
  • Sunglasses/groomsmens gifts/tie clips
  • Flask, cups, good luck charms
  • Family heirlooms
  • Shaving kits/grooming products
  • Cigars, or other items the guys are hanging around with


You can get really creative with the elements of your details box. If nothing else, I think the rings and invitation suite are particularly important. The invitation suite is now an often forgotten elegant piece of the wedding, and many people don’t save the invitations anymore. Capturing it in photos will make it timeless. As for the rings, there is something super delicate about a brand new shiny wedding ring.

What is your favorite item from your wedding details box? We want to know!

If you need help planning your wedding day, feel free to reach out to our wedding planners and see if we are available for your date.