Megan and Brittany have over 15 years of experience in the wedding and event industry. Our small team enables us to take on more events, and offer more coverage on your event day!

Uniquely Set’s New Year Resolutions

As resilient as Brittany and I might seem when we are bustling around crowds of people to ensure everyone gets their turn at the buffet line before seconds, we are people too. So we have made some New Year’s Resolutions specifically for Uniquely Set. Now, this isn’t all of them, but we believe in transparency and letting everyone know what we are up to!

1. We resolve to be stronger leaders. Especially in our industry, but more so in our business management. We have to know when our workload is too much, and when to say no. We will also work on delegating tasks as our small business grows.

2. We want to continue to offer what similar companies don’t. Don’t take this as us upping our competitive advantage over the fact that we really just want to be great at what we do. If that means being more patient, working longer hours, going out of our way, or purely answering the phone every time it rings, we want to do MORE.

3. We want to have a Grand Opening and invite a ton of vendors! Yes, it will be after the fact. However, this year, we will have the budget for it. Plus, it’s a reason to throw a party!

4. We want to take some classes or attend a convention that will make us better at what we do. Simple and sweet.

5. We will strive to shop local first. We will work with other small businesses in our industry and in our region to encourage partnerships and keep it close. We both value “our people” and we sincerely want them to succeed just as much as we want to.

Writing these out is the first step to us making sure we stick by them! Wish us luck!

Happy New Year,

Uniquely Set