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Unique Venues Around Houston, Texas

I have done a little more research in my quest to become a Houstonian, and being that envisioning decoration ideas in a certain venue is my forte, I am writing yet another article to discuss some of  my favorites. Houston is one of the most culturally diverse and entertainment-driven cities in the United States, so it is not an enigma that it hosts some of the most intriguing event solutions in and around the area. For as little as an hour drive out of the city, or right at home in downtown, there is a vast array of venue options for any occasion.

Imagine hosting a murder mystery party in a 3-story neo-classical style mansion. The lights are dimmed, the tables glinting gold reflections from the candle light, and soothing music from the violin commends a decadent creme brulee. Suddenly, a crash is heard from the next room. The waitstaff stops in place, and someone rushes to decipher the source of the commotion. Someone has been murdered! Uniquely Set Event Management then clears the guests plates as they take off on their murder mystery adventure. Okay, I’m not sure this is exactly how it goes, but if we were hosting the event, we would make it happen.  Plus, the historical landmark can be rented for just $50.00 an hour!

Whether you want your backdrop to further enhance your murder mystery party, or if you want to feel like you’re wining and dining with the Italians at a Tuscany Villa, Houston has it all. I have compiled a list of dreamy landscapes and the most intimate 3rd floor walk-ups for your viewing pleasure.

Let’s take it downtown, first. One word – Rooftop. My mind immediately goes to black tie cocktail parties and chilly fall air with stringing lights above our heads. Well guess what, that is exactly what you get with a wonderful view of downtown Houston. The Grove Houston offers all this plus catering options from their full restaurant.

Elegance is hard to come by in the middle of a major metropolitan area. The Bell Tower on 34th is one of Houston’s most well-known and most talked about venues…for a reason. I was not going to include it because most everyone who writes these types of articles does, but then I found it has a wine cellar and it was all over. Hosting up to 1200 people, the Bell Tower is a gorgeous option for the foot loose and fancy fancy. Check out those photos!

A little further out of town, you will find many country settings with open landscapes and sprawling outdoor spaces, but few of them host an architectural phenomenon quite like Olde Dobbin Station. Built in the early 1900’s and used for various reasons before the owners fully renovated it to a venue, it gives a vintage yet classic feel to any event. The main building hosts tall, open ceilings and the most beautiful natural lighting over a ceremony that I have personally seen. There is also the option for both an indoor and outdoor event on the property.

Finally, if you are wanting to host a hip party, don’t look over the brightly colored facet of 5226 Elm. From the outside, it might be a little much for your tastes, but enter the center of the venue and behold an outdoor garden patio. Modern is definitely the word I would use to describe this jewel in the city. Intimate and lavish partiers, unite!

I am going to stop there, because I don’t want to give out all of our secrets. If you have something extremely specific in mind, I bet we can find the perfect place for it. Don’t forget to follow us on facebook and check out our website!


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