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10 Important Things Brides Forget on their Wedding Day

Based on our experiences coordinating weddings, we have seen several examples of things Brides forget to do on her wedding day. Of course, we are always their to help, but these things should be given some consideration before the day of your wedding so that you can enjoy yourself without worrying.

Things Brides Forget

  1. WATER.

    This is one of the most important things brides forget to bring on the day of their wedding. If we have said it once, we will say it again. Provide water bottles for your attendees and do not rely on the caterer to leave the water from the meal. Many people expect to be served water during the ceremony before dinner is even served. When the caterer leaves, normally the tea and water goes with them. Don’t forget to arrange for non-alcoholic beverages as well, so you can make sure the children or younger guests have something to drink all evening. Your guests need water to stay hydrated on your dance floor to ensure a great time! You’ll also want water bottles on hand while getting ready for the day and for any family or friends setting up that morning.

  2. Who’s cutting your cake?

    It’s important to make sure you have someone that knows what they are doing so you get your money’s worth from the cake. Cake CuttingAunt Betty may volunteer, but slicing it sideways without removing all of your decorations is going to result in a major loss of cake pieces! Sometimes, your day of coordinator will cut your cake, sometimes that is not included. It is always good to ask.

  3. Plates.

    Don’t forget to bring cake plates and cake forks. While many people are okay with using their dinner plate, it is not always remembered or discussed.

  4. Clean-Up.

    Talk to your caterer about bussing of the tables.We would all like to think our guests would throw their own stuff away, but they don’t, and you don’t want to have to clean off dirty plates at the end of the evening in your wedding dress. Also, it looks much better to have clean tables in your wedding pictures to show off all those decorations you spent so much time crafting!

  5. Getaways Car(s).

    Where are your belongings going when the day is over? Make sure that any items you rented that need to be returned are listed out so your family knows at the end of the evening. This is definitely where a coordinator can help, but if you don’t have a coordinator they need to know what they are responsible for since you will be heading off to your honeymoon. Assign someone to make sure the belongings get to the right car, and we would suggest going so far to make sure multiple people are volunteering to shuttle things to the appropriate places.

  6. Candles.

    If you are using taper candles, put something under them. Taper candles are the worst about dripping onto your linens and you don’t want to have to pay for the linen you rented when the wax ruins it. Although this is not high on the list of things brides forget to do on their wedding day, it is definitely worth mentioning due to a cost saver!

  7. Ceremony Details.

    Notate on your invites if the ceremony or reception are outside so guests can dress accordingly. The guest don’t always look up the venue beforehand or check the weather.

  8. FOOD.

    If you will not be serving a meal at your wedding, also notate this your invite appropriately. It’s perfectly okay to not do a full sit down meal, but your guests need to know so they don’t come expecting to eat and end up leaving because they are hungry. You have a full evening of events that need to take place before they leave.Things Brides Forget

  9. Time.

    Consider what your guests will be doing when you are taking pictures after the ceremony and how long it will take you to get to the reception. While they may not leave, they will be very displeased with having to wait 3 hours for dinner without an appetizer or entertaining music.

  10. Thank You’s.

    Send Thank You notes. For every present or card you receive, send a personalized thank you note in return. It is a tedious process, but we encourage you to consider the time they spent on your big day, and thank them for it!