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So you want to be a bridesmaid? Tips to being a good one.

So you are going to be a bridesmaid? Here are the top 10 things you should NOT do on the wedding day.

Nothing is worse than watching a bride become upset on her wedding day over something that is happening within the bridal party. As a wedding coordinator, we have the opportunity to observe the interactions of both the bridal party and the guests of the wedding. While we cannot speak for everyone, we have witnessed several instances of selfishness and rudeness among the wedding party, particularly the bridesmaids. Let’s be honest, women are spiteful, sometimes without knowledge that they are. If you are doing one of these things, stop. Today is not your day. Hush it up and quit stirring the drama pot.

  1. If you know you are not financially stable and can’t afford the bridesmaid responsibilities, then kindly say no. The wedding industry has gotten expensive, and it is okay to admit you will not be able to afford a dress and shoes and all the items that go with it. You can still be involved in the wedding in other ways.
  2. Stop complaining about your bridesmaid dress. Put the dress on, smile, nod, and act like it is the best thing you have ever worn. When you said yes to be a bridesmaid, you said yes to wear whatever dress the bride asks of you. Bridesmaids dresses are meant to compliment the bridal gown.
  3. If the bride asks you to fix your hair a certain way, once again, smile and nod. It is the bride’s day and she is most likely just trying to make sure her hair doesn’t look like all of yours, not ruin you in all of your pictures.
  4. Wear makeup, don’t skip the blush, and don’t forget lipstick. The makeup will prevent you from appearing washed out in pictures and you won’t fade away into the images that the bride will be keeping forever.
  5. Practice walking in your shoes. This one is helping you out, not the bride.
  6. Don’t be catty with or about the other bridesmaids. Even if you do not like the other person, smile and act cordial for the wedding day. No bride deserves to be upset about her bridal party fighting.
  7. Don’t cut lines at the bar or buffet. While you are a guest of honor, there is a line of taking advantage that can easily be crossed. Do not assume that you have privileges unless otherwise designated before the reception.
  8. Do NOT  post pictures of the bride before the wedding or before she has given the okay to do so. There are two parts to this. 1. We know you get excited while you guys are getting ready and want to share it with the world, but just wait. The groom should not see the bride in her dress before the wedding, nor should the rest of the attendants. 2. The bride has paid good money for a professional photographer, and while we are sure your photos are fantastic, she should get the say so on when her pictures are displayed to the world.
  9. If the bride asks you to be at the venue at a certain time, don’t be late. She has put a lot of time into her wedding day itinerary, the least you could do is respect it and be on time so everything else can go smoothly.
  10. Please drink responsibly before the wedding. Some people view it as tacky and rude to be drunk before the ceremony has even started. So drink your one mimosa, or maybe two, and then switch to water so you can fully be there to enjoy the day with the bride.