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Planning a Wedding: Wedding Registries, Picking out the Groom’s Wedding Ring, and Alterations

Wedding Registry

This is the fun part as a couple. You get to begin thinking about all the things you’ll need to complete your home and combine your styles after your wedding. Traditionally, it was important to pick out fancy china and cutlery for all the dinners you’d host as a married couple, but now, there are so many alternative ways to register for your wedding. Find the registry method that works best for you.

Always register for a range in cost on items. If you are registering for dishes, for example, do a lower cost item and also a more expensive choice. That way the guests that don’t have big budgets still get to contribute to your registry without feeling inferior. You can always take items back and put them toward the higher priced items if you need.  In need of a new grill or a fancy vacuum? Put it on your registry! You’d be surprised how many family members will chip in to get you larger items so don’t be afraid to put them on your list just in case. If you don’t get the items you most wanted, don’t be defeated, you’ll get lots of gift cards and coupons that you can then use to go back later to buy yourself. Always wait until after your bridal showers to buy anything for yourself to avoid getting it twice!

Moving in together for the first time? In need upgrading those kitchen appliances from college ? Here’s the best places for that:

  • Bed Bath and Beyond
    • You can go in and meet with a consultant. They will walk you through the registry process and then set you free to walk through the store with a scanner. Most guests love this registry because it offers gift wrapping.
  • Dillard’s or Macy’s for a department store style
    • So many wonderful in store and online options that will appear to your older crowds.
  • Target or Walmart for a more affordable registry range
  • Amazon
    • This is one of the newest trends for registry options. They will ship it straight to your house, which makes it convenient for guests.

Try to limit it to 3 in store locations. That way your guests have options, but they don’t get overwhelmed with which registry to look up!

Been together for a while and don’t need household items? Going on a really awesome honeymoon instead?

  • Honeyfund is the perfect option for you.
  • You can list out excursions you’d be interested in and guests can contribute to each one of those items. They divide some of the excursions up so that guests a little money, or a lot, towards items. They have fun feeling like they got to help make your honeymoon extra special.
  • Whatever doesn’t fully book, you can still book yourself prior to the wedding
  • You’ll still want to register somewhere in a store for just a few items, just for your bridal showers, or you can ask your bridesmaids to set up a money tree for guests to clip items too, instead of opening gifts.

Picking Out the Groom’s Wedding Ring

This is important to do together. Most grooms don’t wear rings often, unless it’s a class ring, so this is an adjustment for them. You want him to pick out something he sees himself wearing. You can surprise him by inscribing the inside of the groom’s wedding ring with a special note.

There are so many different options for the groom’s wedding ring, here’s just a few examples:

Classic Band

  • Solid Gold or Silver
    • James Avery has a really nice selection on Silver rings for men if want an alternative option to a big name jewelry store.

Darker Toned Metal

  • Tungsten
    • One of the toughest materials for rings since they are only able to be scratched by a diamond
    • These rings cannot be re-sized or repaired, so definitely has to be tried on in advance.
  • Titanium
    • Great alternative to tungsten and great for durability

Alternative Options

  • Rings with wood grain
  • Qualo Rings
    • If you groom picks a qualo for his everyday wear, have him still pick a simple band for the wedding day and special occasions
  • Dear Antler
    • Yes you read that right. You can have an animal antler mixed into a ring
  • Check out Etsy for some other unique design ideas!



Your Dress is in, it’s getting closer to the day, which means you need to get your dress altered to fit you! Most bridal shops will offer a discount on alterations if you bought the dress from them. Sometimes these bridal shops can be a bit more expensive than if you went to an alternative location, but they do have a lot more familiarity with the dresses. Always make sure you find a trustworthy seamstress.

The style of your dress will determine the cost to expect.

  • Did you lose a lot of weight recently?
    • If they are having to take your dress down a size, that takes a lot of re-constructing. They basically are making you a new dress
  • Does your Dress have a lot of Lace?
    • If you have a lot of lace for instance, they will have to remove all that sewed on lace to alter the dress, then sew it back on. This is normally the most expensive part.
  • Do you have a lot of layers?
    • If you need your dress hemmed, then they have to sew each layer up and they will charge you for each layer.
    • Most tulle can just be cut , but you’ll want the outer layers sewed properly
    • If your dress is just slightly too long, wear heels and save that money on hemming!
  • Bustling
    • This parts important! When it’s time to dance, you still want that beautiful train on your dress to look good, but be out of the way!
    • Ask them to double loop the string for each bustle to help prevent breakage later
    • Have them show you and at least one other person where all the bustles are, so you know on your wedding day!
      • Some seamstress will have a bead or ribbon attached underneath to find them easily

Whatever shoes and undergarments you plan on wearing on your big day, make sure you bring with you to the alteration appointment! They will want you to wear those items while pinning your dress so they make it as accurate as possible!