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Planning a Wedding: Who plans my bachelorette/bachelor party?

Bachelorette and Bachelor Party

The Bachelorette party actually came from the Bachelor or “Bridegroom” party in traditional Europe, which was a traditional dinner given to the groom before marrying his wife. As time wore on, a celebration was finally added for the bride but it was actually a tea luncheon thrown by the bridesmaids where traditional or church-going clothing would be worn. Believe it or not, Bachelorette parties stayed formal up until the 1960’s! Now, the two parties are much more elaborate, with the Maid of Honor and Best Man coordinating the wedding party to throw individual parties for both the bride and groom.

Anyone can throw your bachelor/bachelorette parties. It can be someone in the wedding party, a family member, or friend. We recommend inviting less than 10 people, because it starts to get difficult to schedule the same date with more than that, but make it your own! The parties can take place any time before the wedding. Very few people do it the night before these days.

Some popular bachelor and bachelorette party destinations out of Texas are:

Fredericksburg, Texas
Cruise to Mexico
Miami, Florida
Napa Valley, California
6th Street, Austin, Texas
Gulf Shores, Alabama
Downtown Dallas, Texas
Nashville, Tennessee
Fishing Trip – Gulf Coast

Bridal Shower or Couple Shower Planning

Bridal showers typically take place two weeks to two months out from the wedding, but you can have them sooner! Once again, the bridal shower can be hosted by anyone involved with the wedding or family. There are no limitations there.

  1. Set a budget and don’t go overboard, there is a whole wedding and bachelorette party for that!
  2. Make a guest list. This usually includes both the bride and groom’s immediate family and some women in the extended family. If you choose to do a couple’s shower, think of it as a mini-meet and greet for the extended family and friends.
  3. Pick a bridal shower location. This can be done at a house. We have party packages where we come and set up the dining table, drink table, and one optional table at house parties or venue parties! Definitely ask us about this.
  4. Get decorations. If you didn’t reach out to us in Step 3, pick a shower theme. It can be completely random or a spin off of the wedding colors. Whatever you do, keep it simple!
  5. Plan a couple bridal shower games. This group of people likely doesn’t know each other very well, and bridal shower games that “get to know the Bride” are great ice breakers for groups like this.
  6. An old tradition that we hope continues: keep the ribbons and bows from the shower to make the rehearsal bouquet!
  7. Designate someone to write down the gift list so the bride can easily make out her thank you notes!

Couple’s Shower:

A couple’s shower is a much more laid back version of the bridal shower which includes everyone. We have seen this dually-purposed as a stock the bar party, which is great if your venue allows you to bring in your own alcohol!