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Picking a photographer or photography style for your wedding

There are SO Many Wedding Photography Styles!

If you start planning your wedding and have no clue which photographer to pick, you are not alone. There are so many different wedding photography styles out there, and so many great photographers that can manage several of those styles. It can be overwhelming.

First, we want to specify that we are focusing on Digital Wedding Photography in this blog. Film photographers are far less common these days, and we see digital most often. We will be discussing some of the most popular photography styles for weddings. There are many more.

Artistic/Dramatic Photography Style

These photographers rarely take traditional shots, but prefer to look for different angles, unique composition opportunities and mood/dramatization. They are usually really great at editing in black and white and are seeking a wow factor in their visualizations.

Photojournalistic/Editorial Photography Style

Imagine a journalist standing by your event and capturing different moments. The editorial or photojournalistic photography style tries to tell a story of the event, and¬†strays from staged shots. Typically editorial photographers are still great at posed family photos, but their strengths and preference lie in candid opportunistic shots. You might see several close ups and action shots in this photographer’s portfolio.

Traditional/Portrait Photography Style

This is a posed portrait photography style. If you imagine standing in a line or taking painstaking prom photos, you are going to the extreme version of this photography style. Traditional photographers don’t typically stand there and say “smile!” but they are attempting to capture your moments with formulated shots. They are really great at editing and will be sure to capture every shot in detail. Be prepared to make a list of poses, and they will be sure to get those!

There are other types of photography styles, such as commercial photography, film photography, classical photography, and sports action photography. When looking for a photographer or photography style for a wedding, we suggest viewing their previous work and determining if they can achieve more than one style. If there are certain shots you HAVE to have, make sure to communicate that to them prior to the event, and give them an example or list. You never want to miss out on a special moment that you wanted photographed because you just forgot to grab them. They are there to make sure you get the images you need to create special memories for years to come.

Editing Styles

Editing styles can be varietal as well. You might hear terms such as “light and airy” or “dark and moody” or “dramatic” when talking with us. We just want to make sure you acknowledge that some photographers specialize in one editing style, while others are more versatile. Definitely pick the editing style that you not only love, but will look great for various complexions, the lighting scenario of your event, and the time of year!

Who knew so much went into picking a photographer?! While we are not photographers, we are happy to refer you to a photographer that is adept at the photography style you are looking for! We work with so many photographers that are so great at what they do!