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How to make a DIY S’mores Bar for your wedding or event

The new wedding trend is unconventional dessert ideas and many brides and event hosts have been leaning towards cost efficient options for treats for their guests. One of these cheaper dessert options is a S’Mores Bar or S’Mores Station. I have outlined the tools and instructions needed to create your own dessert bar with portable flames.

Tools: Lighter, Hammer

Materials:  Planter box, Packing material to put around your gel cans, 3-5 Gel Cans, Graham Crackers, Chocolate Bars, Marshmellows, Skewers, Decoration to dress up the box

  1. Decorate your Planter box which will hold the gel cans to light the S’Mores. Some people choose to stain the box, while others paint it entirely, but most of them are sold as plain wood. If you can find a different type of decorative box which will function as the holder, feel free. This is your event.
  2. Fill the box with the packing material until there is about 3 in left towards the top of the box. This will boost your gel cans up to lighting level.
  3.  Position your decorations and decorative material in the packing material at the top, as well as your gel cans. Now you have your “fire pit” for the S’Mores Bar.
  4. Use a lighter and light your Gel Cans.


You can get creative with the planter box and double it as a long table centerpiece that then turns into a dessert station. Or, you can stack 3 boxes inside of each other and use them as the Chocolate and Graham Cracker holders as shown below.