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Event Lighting and Ambiance

Not only event professionals and lighting providers realize the importance of a well-lit room. Interior designers have been using lighting techniques for decades to transform a neutral room into a comforting paradise. Elle Decor, a popular interior design blog reports, “When lighting is impeccable, you hardly notice it.” Bold words, but she is right.

Luckily, some venues host their own gorgeous lighting and there is no need to dress it up with fixtures or ceiling lights. However, the budget-friendly venues tend to have versatile color schemes, sitting in the neutral beige and white range. This can make a room look extremely bland no matter what elaborate decorations are on the tables.

The most popular types of lighting enhancements for events currently are that of LED floor lamps and ceiling drapery. The LED’s have advanced so far in recent years that they offer remote controlled color changing. If you would like your announcements to have a white backdrop, but the dance floor to have red starting at 8 pm, it is easily accomplished. Because the floor lights are battery powered, you do not have to worry about cords.

Lighting can project a fun, intimate, romantic, dark, or bright atmosphere. Depending on your event, we would recommend lighting be included in your budget. If not for your guests, do it for your pictures!