Our goal is simple, to provide unparalleled destination wedding and event planning services to our customers and clients with transparent customer service.

We work with corporations, government entities, national and state associations, private organizations, charitable organizations, societies, and wedding clients to implement a flawless event in any city, local or international. Travelling is our hobby and passion. We enjoy researching new vendors, learning the ins-and-outs of new places, and dedicating our time to one purpose – your event. We will provide you with so much information about your destination wedding location, you will feel like you live there!

Our destination wedding and event services include:

  1. Venue Suggestions, Venue Locating, Venue Booking
  2. Vendor Suggestions, Vendor Booking, Vendor Management
  3. Budget Maintenance
  4. Guest Activity Planning
  5. Event Decoration
  6. Hotel Booking
  7. Team Building and Tours
  8. Transportation Services
  9. Event Executiondestination wedding

Destination weddings are not only gorgeous but sometimes, they are MUCH more affordable than a local wedding venue. The secret is knowing how to get inclusive packages and picking vendors in that locale so that you don’t incur travel costs. Let us help you maintain your budget and pull off a destination wedding that you will never forget.

Please see our Resource List for information on popular event locations.