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Thrifty Wedding Tips: Decorate Your Wedding Without Flowers

Why are flowers so pricey?

We get this question from our brides a lot. I don’t think it is that flowers are so expensive, but that people are unaware of how much flowers really cost. Then, when purchasing flowers, you have to take in seasonal price changes, growing regions, and florist labor charges. It adds up.

We aren’t telling you not to buy flowers. We love BIG, gorgeous arrangements and have favorite florists that we like to recommend to our brides! But, for those brides that are considering alternative centerpiece ideas, here are some ways to decorate your wedding with minimal or no flowers.

Bring in the greenery!

Greenery can be so pretty without blooms. If you are designing a wedding without flowers, amp up the greens. You can use garland bought in bulk from large supermarkets or grocery stores and will find them to be more affordable than flowers. You can also decorate an entire arbor with greenery and it can be so elegant!

Replace flowers with candles.

Candles are beautiful and can make any room seem more intimate and romantic. If you are thinking of doing your wedding without flowers, check craft stores for when candles are going on sale! You can find some really great deals.

Picture frames are inexpensive.

You can put your engagement photos to use and create centerpieces out of picture frames! Two or three small ones on the table surrounded by votives give your guests something to look at. Also, you can get creative and frame bible verses or your favorite quotes.

Everyone loves FOOD!

We love the trend of replacing your centerpieces with appetizers or desserts. We happen to be pretty good at creating food displays, and it is a great way to make your guests feel more at home at their seat! Let them dig in!


Ask us how to create a beautiful wedding without flowers.

If you need more ideas on how to decorate your wedding without flowers, feel free to contact us. We have a design only package, AND we just love to talk decor.

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