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Creative Wedding Send-Off or Exit Ideas

You don’t have to use sparklers in your wedding send-off.

Sparklers are the most common wedding send-off we see in Houston, Texas. They are fun, easy, and make for great pictures! However, some couples come up with really creative wedding send-off ideas. Being Aggies, one of our personal favorites are custom white Aggie football towels with your wedding date on them. Here are some other wedding send-off ideas.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks were a staple of our childhood. You can make bracelets out of glowsticks, put them around your head, or link them together. They are fun on the dance floor, but also fun as a wedding send-off! A good flash photographer will be able to capture the variety of colors that glowsticks put off. You also don’t have to worry about lighting them.

Eco-Friendly Confetti

Many venues ban confetti as a wedding send-off option, so check before you purchase Eco-friendly confetti. However, this type is all natural and should break down without damaging the environment. Guests can pick up their confetti in cute bags at the door, or you can find poppers for them! Either way, it is a quick and easy wedding send-off option. We have also seen hole-punched leaves be used.

Homemade Ribbon Wands

Silk ribbon and some type of dowel rod are a great DIY option.


Bubbles are cheap, easy, and require zero cleanup. We love the way light reflects off of them in photos, and the kids can participate too!

White Flame Lanterns

Although the flame lantern send-off takes a bit of coordination, it can be great for a small wedding!


Why not go out with a ‘bang’?!


Whatever you decide, make sure it is allowed at your venue. Many of the venues do not allow seeds, fake rose petals, glitter, or paper thrown during a wedding send-off because it litters the property and is bad for the environment.

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