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Planning a Wedding: Bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts

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Planning a wedding goes beyond celebrating you. It is customary for your party of honor, or wedding party, to receive bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts. These gifts can be sentimental, fun, or practical, so we are going to go over a few of our favorites.

Bridesmaids Gifts

Paying for their Wedding Hair or Wedding Makeup

You know us – we have to start with practicality. Paying for your girls’ wedding hair or makeup is a great bridesmaids gifts idea. You can offer to pay for one or the other if you are requiring them to get it done, or you can simply pick for the group. Feeling “done up” is something many girls will love, without the expense!

Bridesmaids Gift Robes or Jewelry

Is everyone wearing the same jewelry in the wedding? Get it for them! There are necklaces, bracelets, and initialed rings made just for bridesmaids. Just make sure it is something the bridesmaids will wear again. Although, some people aren’t jewelry-wearers and simply won’t reuse it. Our advice is ask your group before you purchase! Wedding day robes are still a big hit due to the fact that you can mess up your hair by pulling something over your head. This can also be substituted by oversized shirts or PJs.

Totes, makeup bags, cups, and anything else monogrammed

We have no idea where the monogram trend started, but we still love it for bridesmaids gifts. Get them cups made for the bachelorette party or wedding day. Provide them with monogrammed beach bags if you are going on a trip together. Give them a make-up bag with the monogram on it. The options are endless! People love things they can use.

Gift Basket/Small Items with Treats

Women love scents and spa days, most of the time. Getting them several items to put towards a self-indulgence session is always a good idea. Lotion, eye cream, foot rubs, nail polish, exfoliating cream, candles, and more can be combined to make the perfect gift bag for your girls! Add a personalized note and send them with care.


Groomsmen Gifts

Guys are sometimes harder to buy for, especially when you are the bride. No offense to the grooms, but we don’t see them get as involved most of the time!

Toiletry Bags

A nice toiletry bag goes a long way and it is by far one of our favorite groomsmen gifts. Check these out at You could also monogram these.

Cups, Decanturs, Koozies

We love carved glass and decorated insulated cups. Find a sleek black style and put an elegant logo or inscription on them. This can actually be done with just about any wooden or glass item such as watches, sunglasses, knives, gift boxes, flasks, or mugs.

Find a Shared Hobby

Did all of the guys play sports? Are they golfers? Do they enjoy hunting? Do they smoke cigars? Practical gifts such as custom cigar boxes, putting ball cases, baseball bats, pool sticks, and gloves are both sentimental and sure to be used. We have even seen real leather dress shoes gifted!

Gifts for your Parents

It is also customary for the bride and groom to buy their parents gifts to be exchanged on the wedding day. Depending on your style and relationship, this can be sentimental or fun. Treat your parents to a bed and breakfast weekend or send them a thank you wine box. If you choose to purchase the gifts separately, try to think of items your parents would want. Does your father cook or BBQ? Provide him with an alternative book of the best restaurants in every major city. Inscribe a jewelry box for your mom with a handwritten letter as a thank you reminder for all she has done for you. We really like the thank you notes we have seen sewn into the dad’s keepsake tie for the wedding day!