DIY Acrylic Wedding Sign – Welcome or Seating Chart

An acrylic wedding sign can take a plain space and give it modern flare. Have you been seeing the acrylic wedding signs with paint streaked and aren’t sure if you could make it yourself? Well, you can! It is super easy and we even suggest a couple of affordable alternatives to make your acrylic wedding sign.

How to make a DIY Acrylic Wedding Sign – Two Ways (With and Without a Vinyl Cutter)

Tools: Vinyl Cutter, Paint Brush, Tape measure, Printer
Materials: Background paint color, vinyl sheets or foil sheets for your lettering, drop cloth, acrylic sheet/glass frame/clear plexiglass, painters’ tape, transfer tape, Paint Pens

DIY Acrylic Wedding Sign with a Vinyl Cutter

First, you need a sign. Acrylic can easily be found online at anywhere from $20 to $100 per sheet. You can find plexiglass at a variety of stores such as this one at Hobby Lobby. Finally, you can find a cheap, large picture frame and remove the glass from the frame for the purposes of this project. Be mindful that glass is easily broken and if you plan to put the sign on an easel outside, you might want to consider the acrylic or plexiglass option.

Once you have your acrylic or glass, you need to paint it if you want a colored background. The density or thickness of the paint will be completely up to you, but we like ours to look smeared! The current style is to paint the streaks in the same direction either horizontal or diagonally, but you can make it your own! Let it dry. This will prevent ruining the directional lines before adding the lettering.

If you have a vinyl cutter, you know how to use the design program which comes with it, so we aren’t going to explain that.

Use the painter’s tape to measure spacing from the sides of your sign to make sure it is centered. You can also use it to straighten your letters in the next step.

Simply cut out your letters and use transfer tape to add them to your acrylic wedding sign! It’s that easy.

DIY Acrylic Wedding Sign without a Vinyl Cutter

Again, you will need a sign. For this acrylic wedding sign, we are going to hand-letter the wording using a stencil technique.

There are many free font sites online, but Google Fonts is one of my favorites. You can find many calligraphy styles on the site to add to your home computer.

When you pick a font, consider the thickness of the letters. Make sure they will be  easy to trace and fill with color. Also, pick a font that can be large enough to see while still fitting on your sign.

Print out the words in the large font on a plain sheet of paper, and tape it face-up to the back side of your acrylic/plexiglass/glass using the painter’s tape. This might take a little bit of centering to make sure it is in the middle of your sign or spaced how you would like it. Choose whether you are going to paint the front of your sign. Be mindful that you need to be able to see your “stencil” through the paint. Let it dry if needed.

Once you have decided on spacing, begin tracing your lettering with a fine point paint pen on the front side of your sign. Don’t worry about going outside of the lines, as paint pens are really easy to scratch off once dried!

Fill the letters in with a thicker paint pen once the outline dries. Peel the stencil off the back of your sign and you should have a gorgeous acrylic wedding sign ready to use!

Store it with butcher paper so it doesn’t stick to the paint when you wrap it to transport it to your event.


We would love to see your creations using either of these techniques! Tag us on Instagram (@uniquelysetevents) or Facebook (@uniquelyset) and show us! Contact us about wedding coordination or design planning if you need more help.





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